More on Michelangelo

Hello again, back to Michelangelo; I was really amazed at the depiction of this amazing artist. Michelangelo was arguably the greatest artist in history and yet he was so driven to be better that it just about killed him. Not only was Michelangelo a great sculptor, which was his chosen art, he was also one of the greatest painters to walk the earth, not by choice though, he only painted because the Pope challenged him and his pride was at stake. Can you imagine the Sistine Chapel (I haven't been there yet!) without the artwork in it, it would be just another beautiful church.

Alright where am I going with this, as artists we need to be constantly learning new and wonderful ways of enhancing our craft. Learning to draw made me a better photographer, spending the first weekend of February going to an intense photoshop course has further enhanced my artistic abilities.

Back to Michelangelo, later on in his career he was hired to do a very large project that was cancelled three years after being started. His employer (the city I believe) said that it was costing too much money and that he should bill them for the costs up until then. Michelangelo was so upset he said something like this "How can I bill them enough for what they have stolen from thier citizens and from the whole future of humanity? I was creating the greatest piece of artwork in history, how can I bill them for stealing that from the future?" Wow, if only we as artists saw the impact of our work in the same way as he did his.

Sometimes people ask me why I have such "Big" portraits up on the walls of my studio and home. The question is actually quite an interesting one, and the answer I have is simple: if the Sistine Chapel was a series of 8x10 portraits on the walls and ceiling would they be truly appreciated no matter how good they were?? If Michelangelo were doing a portrait of you would you find it adequate if he pulled out an 8x10 piece of canvas for the image?? I find myself constantly striving to better my art and I am so honoured when my clients appreciate it enough to say we want to have that as a feature piece in our home. Art is meant to be seen and appreciated for generations to come.

Well thanks for looking into my mind and listening to my muses about art and artists, I'll be back soon. Until then, "All the best in Love and Laughter!" Enjoy this family day if you are in the parts of the world that celebrate it and enjoy a beautiful day wherever you are.


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