Bad, Bad Rodney

Ok, I've been told I'm a "bad" blogger; apparently the frequency with which I blog is unacceptable so I'm going to try to change.

What to say, what to say.

Well I'm sure you will all be very interested in the way I spent the afternoon today. I decided to get out on the roof of my studio and shovel the snow off of the building before the big melt comes (hear great optimism in my voice there) because last year I ended up on the roof because water was in fact running down the wall of my studio (not the nicest feeling in the world.) Spending a few hours up on the roof watching the world below you function is actually quite interesting; but far more interesting by far will be the aches and pains I feel tomorrow when the physical work I've just endured comes to say Hi again!!

On a completely different note the studio was featured in Winnipeg's weekly papers this last week; we were thrilled to have the media attention and they seemed to think that the work we were doing here at the studio was both unique and worth telling the city about. Thank you to Canstar and all of it's community papers for the article, we have to do it again very soon.

Well that's all for today folks, talk to you again soon.


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