Being a Woman

I have a number of thoughts rumbling about in my head--at least milling about there--and I felt inspired to share them with you.  The thoughts are coming from my experiences and conversations today.

First, let me tell you a little about me.  I am an introvert by nature and a homebody.  I don't have a great need to go out and do things or be with people.  It's not what feeds my energy.  However, I'm often pleasantly surprised when I do go out, that I get kinda jazzed.  Interesting people stimulate my thought processes and inspire me.  Of course, I wonder why I don't get out more often.

Today, I had fun at a BNI networking breakfast.  I felt excited to meet people and help them meet other people.  I met someone who was taken by our tagline, "Uncovering the Beauty Within".  It was the first time she felt a photographer actually got what it meant to capture her.  A real estate agent, she's had many headshots in life, and some she filed under "ugly promo shots"--images that did not make her feel beautiful.  We talked about the importance Rodney places on getting to know people in order to bring out the best in them, and how lighting and re-touching shape the end product, either detracting from or enhancing a person's true essence and beauty.

Then, I went to a Mom's group at my church.  We started a video series on the book of Esther (from the Bible).  The subtitle is, "it's tough being a woman".  Although I've written about the challenges of being a woman these days, I wasn't sure if I'm into affirming to myself that it's tough being a woman.  At the same time, I am curious about what the focus of the study will be.  The next video is about the challenge of being a woman in another woman's shadow. 

After getting out of my house today, those are some of my thoughts on being a woman.  I will be including some of women's answers to the question: "What are your top three reasons that it's tough being a woman?" on our facebook page in upcoming days at

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Loyal Butterfly said...

I think you now have the sign that you are not an Introvert. I read about Ayurveda that many people misunderstand their Dosha because they perceive their problem, and think that is their type. Similarly, I thought I was Introverted, but I was only perceiving my inexperience. Have fun!