My Grandmother was Right

As I think of Father's Day approaching, a day when we honour some very important men in our lives, I am reminded of the advice my Grandma passed on to each of her five daughters:

"Never put down your husband in public".

If her daughters started complaining about her son-in-laws, she didn't want to hear about it. If they had a problem, they should discuss it with their husbands, not the rest of the world.

The more I know about men, and the more I've lived with one, the more I love my Grandma's advice. Men need respect and affirmation in the roles they play in life, as much as we need to know we're beautiful and wanted. Where our question is "Am I lovely? Am I captivating?", a man's question is "Am I capable? Am I enough for the job?" I don't think we realize how we are actually attacking his strength/his core, when we put him down, especially in front of others.

Here's another quote I just recalled, from a book I perused once (it won't be exact, and I can't remember the author):

"Too often we end up serving our children and training our husbands, when it should be the other way around"

So, let's all take a few minutes and figure out some ways to show the men in our lives how we see them accomplishing good in their workplace, their family relationships, and their world.

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