On Valentine's Day

Flowers. You don't need a romantic suitor to get these. Although that is definitely wonderful. I was feeling a need for something cheery and healing, and a symbol of forgiving myself. So, for $4 at Superstore, I picked up a little bit of beauty and inspiration. This photo I did with my little point & shoot is perhaps a bit on the moody side, but that was the kind of light I had available yesterday (and perhaps reflective of my emotional state!)
As women, some of us likely regularly buy flowers for ourselves, and some of us wait for flowers. For those who wait, some have a chivalrous man in the picture or perhaps a supportive friend that knows the power of flowers. And some of us likely keep waiting, perhaps mostly oblivious to the idea, but perhaps with growing disappointment or resentment.
I think the idea of romance in our lives as women is a lot like what I've just talked about in relation to flowers: some of us are waiting for it (single or in a relationship) and some of us are choosing it (ironically, single or in a relationship). One year, I asked for two books from Rod (or did I just subtly mention them?!). Whatever the case, I obtained two lovely books called "Romancing the Ordinary" by Sarah Ban Breathnach and "Living Romantically Every Day" by Barbara Taylor Bradford. The first one is more about finding the romance in daily life and the second is more for fostering romance in a long-term relationship. Although I go months and months without much attention to them, I find myself returning to them every once in awhile.
I didn't start this post with the intent of digging out these books, but it now seems that their contents need to be heard. I've been wanting to talk about relationships more this year with Eve. And I also love to talk about finding ways to live life with more intention, colour, and interest. I am curious to see where all of this leads!
For now, I just want to say, with Valentine's Day approaching, that our studio can fit in with wherever you're at. It's not too late to do a session as a Valentine's gift for your lover (that word always sits funny with me). Valentine's Day can also be a good time to be good to see yourself in a new light and appreciate who you are and the body you're in. Valentine's Day is also the perfect time to celebrate your love. We're working on a great promo "For Two". We wanted you to be able to bring your guy and have a fun little "date" together, celebrating your closeness through simple, skin-to-skin images with the casual-ness of jeans. We'll be posting samples of our ideas shortly.
In the meantime, here's a little quote from B.T. Bradford's book:
"Seize the day--and the hours and the minutes. Spending time together is essential to living romantically every day. Don't wait for perfect moments. You have the power to create them yourself. I believe that all it takes is a spirit of giving from the heart--and some creative thinking--to find time for romance to thrive." (p. 28)


mariaborito said...

Beautiful picture and thoughts Sonya. I would love to read those books someday!
It's true though that waiting and waiting for those flowers can simply be hurtful. On one of my challenging days last week I said to Nate, "Today is a day that you can think of something I would really yellow flowers!" (as he was heading out to the grocery store). Sometimes just saying the obvious still feels good.

sonya said...

That's great! It's so true. We need to be in touch with what we need, and not be afraid to help tell people how to care for our needs. Thanks for sharing ;)

Alicia said...

Last year around Valentines day all the single ladies on campus got together for an evening of indulgences. We all brought an example of one indulgence that we allow ourselves - I brought a dozen roses. Sometimes when I'm walking through the grocery store I can't help but make my own day with a bunch of flowers :-)