One more option for H1N1

With all the fear of H1N1 as well as fears concerning vaccinations, I thought I would let our readers know of one more option out there. For some, it may seem too "out there", but it is a very valid option nonetheless.

When my son was diagnosed with gluten sensitivity last year, I searched and searched for options for him. I finally discovered something called "Nambudripad's Allergy Elimination Technique" (NAET). It involves three steps: muscle response testing (MRT) for allergies, stimulating accupressure points while the allergen is held (a glass vial with the the energy field of the substance or the actual substance), and an avoidance period of about 24 hours until the brain has reprogrammed the entire body to accept the substance.

The technique, however, is not eliminated to allergy elimination. It can be used to test a person's immunity to a virus/bacteria, introduce the body to it (still in a vial), strengthen the body's response through accupressure, and thus give the body the immunity it needs to fight it when it comes in contact with the actual virus or bacteria in the environment. And there are no needles, no worrisome preservatives, and no live/radiated viruses actually put into the body.

Some people will still have a mild reaction (tiredness, aches etc.). They should come back in a day and check to see how the body is doing. Sometimes a second treatment is needed. But usually that is all. Babies, children, adults, all can have it done.

Two of my kids have been treated. I was too weak today (exceptional loss of sleep lately), but will be having it done next week hopefully. Normally, people are treated for basic allergens before moving on to something like this, but my practitioner is making exceptions given the situation. Some people (especially older ones) will find they have a strong immune response to the virus and will not need to do anything.

There are a number of people practicing NAET in Winnipeg, and most of the larger provinces (unfortunately not in my home province of Saskatchewan). You can go to to find a practitioner (not a complete listing). Village Chiropractic Centre on River Ave. is where I go. Dr. Maria di Bernardo is very skilled and personable. The cost there is $80 for the initial intake and first treatment (book is included) and $50 afterward. If you have extra health insurance, a portion of that may be covered.

I have been posting a lot on H1N1. I hope it has been helpful rather than tiresome. At Eve Studios, we want to be involved in the whole life of a woman. And so, I try to address things that come up in our lives. It will, however, be my last post on the subject!

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Alicia said...

I went through NAET treatment a few years ago and found it very helpful. I had never thought of using it to increase immunity to the flu, but it makes a lot of sense!