My beans are growing. My kids are growing. Our business is growing. I am growing. It is exciting to see things develop.

It seems like when we had that prolonged cool weather, that our lives were reflecting that. I felt dormant. Yes, we were getting a lot of landscaping preparation done. That was a blessing to do minus the heat and mosquitoes. We did the major push for our "Just As I Am" project, which we're actually still accepting people for this week-end, and it was nice to have a quiet period in our business in order to focus on that. But my optimism, my physical energy, and my purpose were all very weak.

Now, it feels like we've regrouped our energies, and we're ready to branch out again. Stretching, expanding, reaching out, going deeper...and we anticipate a surge of growth that will bring our business to the next level. I believe this will happen as we do some inner work, find ways to feed our souls, and as we gather with supportive people.

These last two weeks have been interesting. I've been looking at energy in a number of different ways: learning about the fascinating way the body functions, taking more seriously how different things drain my energy, and looking for ways to boost my energy. One step I'm taking is using money to hire people to do things for me that aren't getting done easily and are dragging me down. It's a scary step, as I need to believe that more money will come when I do this to compensate (even abundantly more). But I am now willing to take the step and see it where it leads me. That, for me, is growth.

How are you growing?

(If anyone has a cleaning person or a bookkeeper they want to recommend, I'd love to hear it).

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Alicia said...

Isn't it interesting how our lives often mirror the seasons--winter as a time of waiting and reflection, while summer tends to be full of energy and growth. I have discovered that I love all the seasons, each for it's unique perspective.

I agree, taking a step of faith is not easy (I guess that's why it's called faith), but isn't it exciting to see how things work themselves out even in the most unexpected ways?