Getting Your Feet Wet

It's April. The snow is melting (although our backyard is still depressingly white...soon spring will be here too!) It's time to get your feet wet (insert cute graphic of girl jumping in puddle with umbrella).

So....for everyone who comes to the studio this month to book a session or pick up an order, AND for everyone who comments on this blog, one ballot will be filled out to be entered into our draw for a free pedicure at Tiber River Naturals on Academy. Tiber River Naturals is owned by two amazing women with a vision for products that are good for you and the environment. They are big on personalized, fun service and have a whole range of amazing and yummy natural products that they've created themselves. They also have a fun blog where you can follow their story as well as learn interesting health and product facts (and even be entered to win a free bar of soap!)

So if you've been too shy to comment, or waiting for "the perfect time" to book a session, don't delay another minute. It's time to Get Your Feet Wet!

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