Well I can't believe it's been weeks since I have shared myself with the world, sorry to those of you who live on the edge of your seats just waiting to read another of my posts.

It seems as though I'm perpetually tired lately. I'm not sure if it's the three small kids or the constant renovations on the studio, but my body finally gave in to the flu this last week. On the positive side, I feel blessed to have the life that I have, I feel sometimes as though I'm living a dream.

The studio, good question. The renovations are going slower than I had hoped for, but on the positive side they are actually going. This week we got new windows on the second floor, there is now twice as much light up there and it's very nice. My lobby is coming along quite quickly as well, we hope to be putting the slate flooring in the next week or so, pray for me!!!

As far as the rest of life a week ago was the annual convention for the professional photographers of Canada - Manitoba and as always there is an image competition. The Images I entered did very well, I won the "Most Creative Image" for Manitoba, and also brought home two of the six "Judges Choice" awards. It feels good to be recognized by my peers for my work, but quite frankly it all left me with quite an empty feeling, I much prefer the feeling of making a client feel beautiful, changing a woman's life is much more satisfying than the accolades of peers.

Speaking of beauty, I saw the nicest little car the other day, it's the 2007 Pontiac Solstice, nice, very nice, in fact WOW. Did I mention that the car is almost completely impractical and pales in comparison to a hug from my wife or kids, yet I would really like one someday (maybe you have a used one you would like to loan me for the next few years)

Anyway, alas it is time to bid you adue, I hope all is well, God Bless.


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