Winnipeg Mother's Day Prize Draw

What makes your mother so special? Do you have a friend that inspires you in her mothering? You can give her a chance to win a special mother's day prize basket just by commenting on this blog and telling us why she should win. You'll both be entered to win!

Or just come in for one of our mother/daughter sessions and you'll also be entered to win!


Mothers and Daughters--Mother's Day 2011

Have a whole lot of fun with your mother/daughters/sisters just in time for Mother's Day!

Our special promo runs until May 19th.
Sessions only $50.
Packages starting at $100.

Phone 221-8413 between 11 and 5 for more info or to book your appointment!

Rodney will help you create beautiful images and an unforgettable experience for you and the women in your life. It's what we do best at Eve Studios. You can see more of our work and philosophy at


Winnipeg Mother's Day Idea gets Better!

I have great news! Now everyone who comes through for our Mother/Daughter event will have a chance to win a prize basket for them and their mother (or a friend).

All you have to do is enter your names and phone numbers/email and we'll announce the winners on the 19th (we just want to give everyone the maximum amount of time to make it in).

I'll keep you posted on the exact contents, but for now, I'll tell you two of the businesses who have already signed on: TotalShe, which features amazing Manitoba-Made Products by Women. And Botanical Paperworks, which features Botanical PaperWorks Seed Paper. If you'd like to learn more, be sure to find out How Plantable Paper Works. I love her Easter Egg Decorating Ideas, too! Thanks Heidi, and Kristen!

As well, I would love to hear why you think your mother or friend should win! If you have a special mother or a friend who is an awesome mother, I'd love to hear about them. You can either leave a comment, or email me: sonya at (use the @ in place of at). With your permission, I will post them on the blog over the next few weeks. Everyone who submits something to me will get a ballot for the draw, too! (You'll get two if you come in to the studio...)


Celebrating Mothers and Daughters

We have our mother tongue, which is our native language. We have mother earth from which all growing things come, and Mother Nature, the unpredictable source of typhoons and tornadoes. The mother lode is the source of riches and a "mother headache" is one that sends you to bed. The mother of all storms is fierce, and the motherland is the home we left and long for. Mother is the source of life[...]

Whether good or bad, whether redemptive or destructive, our relationships with our mothers affected us to the core of our beings, helping to shape us into the women we have become. As Dinah says in The Red Tent, "If you want to understand any woman you must first ask about her mother and then listen carefully."

We are not all mothers, but we all had one. Or longed for one. The relationship between a mother and daughter is a holy, tender, fierce thing fraught with land mines and umbilical cords that stretch and sometimes strangle. The desire in a daughter to please her mother is matched only by her desire to be separate from her[...]

Girls' hearts flourish in homes where they are seen and invited to become ever more themselves. Parents who enjoy their daughters are giving them and the world a great gift. Mothers in particular have the opportunity to offer encouragement to their daughters by inviting them into their feminine world and by treasuring their daughters' unique beauty.

~ excerpt from Captivating by Stasi Eldredge (which happens to be a huge inspiration for our studio and is available in Christian bookstores)


Mother/Daughter Promo April 19 to May 19

In celebration of the unique relationship between mothers and daughters, we invite you to bring in your mother or daughter(s) or both for a half-hour session in our studio to capture the special bond you share.

Cost is $50 plus GST
(complimentary for returning clients) and packages range from $100 to $500. After the session, you'll book a separate day for ordering your images unless you want to arrange for viewing a half hour after the session and make a stop at Gunn's bakery on Selkirk in between.

Celebrate Mother's Day (May 8th)
with a gift that celebrates your relationship!
(Gift Certificates also available for purchase)

Call Rodney at 221-8413 (Tues to Fri 11-5)
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